Reimagining Back-to-School - And Beyond

The COVID-19 pandemic exposed many of the deep inequities in our school system. Whether it was the disparities in access to meals, broadband, computers, or support at home, the extended school closures highlighted how the persistent achievement gap in K-12 education is more about access and opportunities rather than intellect and abilities. If we are to close the gaps that widened during our months out of school, we will need to build on the innovative distance learning practices and implement new learning models to ensure every student actually receives an equitable education.

Our virtual events series will bring together educators, thought leaders, and technical experts for a mix of webinars and planning sessions to help teachers, coaches, and leaders prepare for a myriad of back-to-school scenarios. Topics will address both the technical and adaptive solutions needed to support the cognitive and social-emotional needs of students in the fall and beyond.

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