Comprehensive Professional Development for K-12 Educators

High-Quality Professional Learning programs for teachers and administrators that ensure the successful districtwide implementation of HQIM.

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Professional Learning Aligned to District Initiatives

Time and again, research has shown that success in K-12 education requires more than just one-off workshops or generic training sessions. That is why our job-embedded programs go beyond traditional professional development by seamlessly integrating into your school's daily routines.

By working backwards from the specific changes you want to see in the classroom, we'll work with your district and school leaders to design a professional learning program fully-aligned to district initiatives that supports educators at every level.

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Build a Personalized PD Plan for Your District

Transform district goals into student growth by providing educators with personalized learning experiences year-round, fostering sustainable shifts in teaching practices that are proven to accelerate student outcomes.

Our immersive approach to professional learning delivers on the promise of continuous, job-embedded learning. Combining 1:1 and 1: many learning opportunities, we seamlessly personalize our learning sessions to meet the needs of each teacher, instructional specialist, and school leader.

With differentiated learning experiences paced throughout the year, districts can unlock the full potential of every educator, and thus, every student.

Begin building a comprehensive professional learning plan that works toward meaningful changes for  leaders, teachers, and students.

Advancing Student-Centered Teaching and Learning In Districts


Advancing Equity in Elmira City School District

Fostering culturally-responsive and inclusive classrooms doesn’t happen by accident. Explore how Elmira City School District partners with BetterLesson to advance equitable instructional practices to provide their students with the learning environments they deserve.


Wilson STEM Academy Soars High

It takes enterprise, hard work, and a resourceful, steady support system to build a successful school, especially with the challenges arising from remote learning and the pandemic. Learn how Wilson STEM Academy grew into a sought-after immersion magnet school with the help of BetterLesson coaching supports. 


Implementing Curriculum In Rutherford Schools

Adopting and implementing a new curriculum is complex. Experience the incredible transformation of Rutherford County Schools as they went all-in with BetterLesson and OpenUp Resources to bring the acclaimed EL Education K-8 Language Arts Curriculum to their 26 elementary schools. 

Professional Learning Packages to Support All Educators



 Build your educators capacity to lead and improve instruction and learning for teachers and students with instructional leadership support.


Student-Centered Math and Literacy

 Develop students’ literacy skills and create transformative mathematics classrooms to give students a strong academic foundation.



  Empower new teachers to become high-quality educators through professional learning, mentorship, and leadership support.


Advancing Equity

Focus on creating student-centered classrooms for english learners and students with disabilities through the lens of diversity, equity and inclusion.

Learning Experiences in the BetterLesson Ecosystem


Virtual coaching offers new teachers support from expert instructional coaches who help build and sustain new practices through the Try-Measure-Learn method.

In-person or virtual collaborative sessions for educators to learn new practices, develop actionable next steps, and create a plan to measure the efficacy of new practices in the classroom.

Learning Walks
Non-evaluative classroom observations for leaders to analyze trends in teacher practice and create a plan to support all educators with continued professional learning.

BL Connect
Self-directed courses and high-quality asynchronous content create awareness of a wide range of topics.

BL Lab
The BL Lab offers administrators professional learning data and all educators a full library of self-directed BL Connect courses filled with research-backed strategies, tools, and resources. Access content, track participation, and measure outcomes of professional learning in one centralized platform.

The Phases of Effective Professional Learning

We understand that the journey of curriculum implementation doesn't end after a single workshop or training session. That's why we offer ongoing support throughout the year, providing a lifeline for educators as they navigate the challenges and triumphs of implementing the new curriculum.


Adopt a Curriculum

Lay the foundation for successful curriculum implementation by ensuring alignment with educational goals and vision for student-centered learning.


Bring educators and administrators together at a collaborative in-person launch experience. 



BetterLesson instructional coaches work one-on-one with teachers to explore new practices, apply them in the classroom, and measure the impact on students.


Assess Progress

Leaders engage in Learning Walks, a non-evaluative observation process, to make data-informed decisions about the next steps they can take to support teachers.


Targeted Support

Educators collaborate at Virtual Workshops that work towards specific, targeted learning outcomes. 

Resources to Support Professional Learning


Professional Learning Playbook

Modernize your district’s professional development opportunities while working towards achieving your district's goals.


Designing Effective PLCs

Increase student achievement and teacher collaboration with simple leadership strategies designed to create more effective professional learning communities.


Analyzing Student Data to Inform Instruction

Use user-friendly data collection tools to transform student data into instructional next steps.

Professional Learning Topics Designed by Educators

Instructional Leadership-2

Instructional Leadership Focus Areas

Improve instruction and learning for teachers and students by building your skills as an instructional leader.

Leading Through Change: Lead the improvement of teaching, learning, and overall school climate to enhance student achievement and success.
Instructional Coaching: Provide teachers with personalized coaching cycles that support them growing and developing their teaching practice.
Collaborative Professional Learning: Develop a collaborative professional culture to support student-centered teaching and learning. 
Feedback and Observation: Create an authentic, replicable observation and feedback cycle that promotes alignment of student-centered goals and non-evaluative conversation.
Principalship: Equip new leaders to meet the specific demands that come with the first three years of serving as a building principal.
Responsive and Inclusive Practices-1


Inclusive and Responsive Practices Focus Areas

Build an equitable learning community where all students can be supported, celebrated, and successful.

Social-Emotional Learning: Prepare students with the self-awareness, relational, and decision-making skills they need to succeed in school and in life. 
Culturally Responsive Teaching and Learning: Develop learning communities that honor diverse student backgrounds and experiences.
Trauma-Informed Practices: Approach learning with an understanding of the impacts of trauma and adversity on students.
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Create inclusive educational ecosystems by examining structures, systems, and beliefs informed by race and identity.
English Learners: Enable all English Learners to grow and thrive in their learning environments with differentiated support.
Students with Disabilities: Support students with disabilities to learn and grow in their learning environments. 
SEL-with-KikoriSocial-Emotional Learning with Kikori: Utilize the Kikori platform to develop social and emotional intelligence in both students and teachers to build a student-centered classroom learning community. 


Flexible Instructional Models Focus Areas

Find unique ways for all students to learn, communicate, and solve meaningful problems.

Accelerating Growth: Accelerate student growth and provide differentiated support for all learners to create a student-centered learning environment.
Formative Assessment and Differentiation: Provide students with multiple opportunities to demonstrate their understanding and guide their future learning.
Blended Learning: Create effective and efficient blended learning systems that sustainably drive student learning.
Competency-Based Learning: Create personalized learning paths that allow students to progress toward goals and demonstrate competency in flexible formats.
Teachership: Empower new teachers to become high-quality educators through professional learning, mentorship, and leadership support. 
Curriculum and Academic Content-1


Curriculum and Academic Content Focus Areas

Use learning tools and curriculum to create a student-centered classroom.

Student-Centered Math: Create transformative mathematics classrooms where students engage in problem-solving, discourse, application, and critical thinking.
Student-Centered Literacy: Develop students’ literacy skills by supporting student ownership of evidence-based reading, writing, speaking, and listening. 
OUR K-8 Math: Integrate the instructional routines and resources embedded in the OUR K-8 Math curriculum. 
Student-Centered-Math-1IM K-12 Math: Strategically implement the IM K-12 Math curriculum to support student-centered math instruction. 
EL Education: Strategically implement the EL Education K-8 Language Arts curriculum to support student-centered literacy instruction. 
OpenSciEd: Help students make sense of scientific phenomena by harnessing the full power of the OpenSciEd platform.
Odell-EducationOdell Education: Understand and implement the Odell Education curriculum to equip students with essential literacy skills.
KiddomKiddom: Support educators to use Kiddom to effectively launch and utilize student-centered curricula in every classroom.

Our Partners in Professional Learning

Our mission is to ensure that educators and administrators have the tools to support every student through a deep understanding of their needs, behaviors, and backgrounds and build a connection to the content and curricula in the classroom. To best serve all educators, we support top-rated curricula with high-quality content and partner with innovators and change makers in education.

Our partners include...


"Through participating with BetterLesson Coaching over the past three years, I have grown so much as an educator in ways that I never thought possible. This took teaching to new levels and PD was targeted specifically to areas that I needed, wanted to work on."

Sara Schonfeld
K-2 Teacher, Magen David Yeshivah, NY

"It’s a great partnership and opportunity for teachers to get 1:1 support/coaching. I really appreciate the amount of time put into looping in principals to share what teachers are working on with school leaders and our central team."

Kristen Watkins
Director of Personalized Learning, Dallas ISD, TX


"BetterLesson has been a great resource and support for new teachers and teachers changing assignments that provides more consistent development and feedback than what we can provide."

Todd Prusator
Superintendent, Rochelle CCSD, IL


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