Comprehensive Support and Improvement for K-12 Schools

Develop an evidence-based school improvement plan aligned with ESSA requirements for CSI, TSI, and ATSI schools

What Teachers Say About BetterLesson Professional Learning

Professional Learning Programs that Transform Schools

BetterLesson partners closely with CSI, TSI, and ATSI districts identified by the state to define strategic goals and develop personalized solutions that meet the needs of all educators.

In accordance with the mandates of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), state accountability systems include multiple indicators to identify Comprehensive Support and Improvement schools. These metrics highlight various facets of school performance or quality including proficiency scores and graduation rates.

Our personalized professional learning and strategic planning programs help your district progress toward key areas of school improvement, including strengthening instructional leadership, refining curriculum development and implementation, and supporting flexible instructional models.

With BetterLesson on your side, you'll not only meet school improvement goals but also provide proactive support to your educators and students.

Meet Our Partners


Supporting Early Career Teachers at Groton Central School District

Explore how one rural New York district provided support for early career teachers to build self-confidence and make incredible impacts on student learning and growth.


Addressing the Teacher Shortage with Chandler USD

Learn how Chandler Unified School District successfully managed the teacher shortage, resulting in staff development, increased teacher retention, and an improved campus climate. 


Transforming Teaching and Learning at Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools

Discover how Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools adapted to three urgent instructional shifts and built long-term capacity through personalized support for teachers and leaders.

Comprehensive Support for Educators at Every Level

To maximize likelihood of success, BetterLesson's improvement process begins with using data to pinpoint school and district-based causes of underperformance so leaders can identify appropriate improvement strategies. Districts are making major strides with BetterLesson to ensure they meet their District Improvement Plans and School Improvement Plans. With specific support programs for improving literacy and mathematics instruction, and targeted support for special education improvement and closing disproportionality gaps, BetterLesson's professional learning programs can help you reach your state and federal commitments.

Create student-centered classrooms with a research-backed professional learning program that’s built from layered learning experiences throughout the school year to create real impact for students.


Comprehensive School Improvement Packages


Students with Disabilities

Targeted support for special education improvement to meet each student’s individual needs with a professional learning plan that helps educators leverage technology, differentiate instruction, and create a student-centered environment for all learners.

Leading Through Change

Designed to provide K-12 leaders with the skills they need to positively impact academic success for their students, the cultural climate of their schools, and the professional development and retention of their teachers.


Strategic Planning

Say goodbye to complex, time-consuming strategic planning. Our streamlined approach simplifies the process, giving you more time to focus on successful implementation and continuous improvement.



Equip new leaders to meet the specific demands that come with the first three years of serving as a building principal with Executive Coaching and leadership driven learning experiences.


Math and Literacy

 Comprehensive educator support to ensure high-quality instructional materials are delivered with integrity, improving students' literacy skills and creating transformative mathematics classrooms.

Free Strategies to Support School Improvment


Analyzing Student Data to Inform Instruction

Create user-friendly data sets and student action plans to put student data to good use.


Performing a Needs Assessment or Gap Analysis

Use data to analyze gaps in student learning and create a personalized learning plan for students.


Comprehensible Input: Teaching Targeted Vocabulary

Support students' language acquisition of content vocabulary to increase their engagement and comprehension of class themes and topics. 

Learning Experiences in the BetterLesson Ecosystem


BL Connect
Self-directed courses and high-quality asynchronous content create awareness of a wide range of topics.

In-person or virtual collaborative sessions for educators to learn new practices, develop actionable next steps, and create a plan to measure the efficacy of new practices in the classroom.

Virtual coaching offers new teachers support from expert instructional coaches who help build and sustain new practices through the Try-Measure-Learn method.

Learning Walks
Non-evaluative classroom observations for leaders to analyze trends in teacher practice and create a plan to support all educators with continued professional learning.

BL Lab
The BL Lab offers administrators professional learning data and all educators a full library of self-directed BL Connect courses filled with research-backed strategies, tools, and resources. Access content, track participation, and measure outcomes of professional learning in one centralized platform.

Achieve Strategic Initiatives With Connected Professional Learning

To move this work forward in your schools, our team works with your district to design a personalized solution based on your team's needs and goals to deliver impactful outcomes.

Effective professional learning isn’t a one-off event; it’s strategically planned, ongoing, and works towards measurable outcomes in the classroom. Support your educators with a research-backed professional development program that’s built from layered learning experiences throughout the school year to create district-wide impact for students.

Together we can begin building a professional learning program that fits your district's specific needs.

Free Resources for Educators


Math Representations: Visualization or Imaging

Explore mathematical representations and learn how to tailor their use to a student's developmental stage.


Meeting Students Where They Are

Learn seven common student challenges and how to transition fundamental teaching strategies between learning modalities.


Communicating Positive News to Families

Build a strong, positive connection with students and their families while maintaining a holistic view of each student's needs.

The Learning Curve
Accelerate growth in your schools and stay ahead of the curve.