Sherrie Robbins

Sherrie Robbins is an experienced educator who helps teachers and educational leaders capitalize on their strengths in order to enhance best practices. Sherrie believes that all educators strive for excellence to provide the best experiences for their school community, but that the demands and diverse challenges in today's schools become roadblocks to professional development and learning. As demonstration of her commitment to furthering the field of education, Sherrie has been awarded Teacher of the Year at two different schools. In addition to having been a classroom teacher, academic coach, and literacy facilitator, Sherrie currently is Adjunct Faculty, as well as a supervisor of student teachers and liaison to school administrators. Sherrie loves leading professional development in a variety of areas and has earned National Board certification. Sherrie holds a Doctorate in Education in Curriculum and Instruction from Liberty University, a Masters in Teaching and Learning from Nova Southeastern University, and a Bachelors in Elementary Education from Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania. When not working with fellow educators, you can usually find Sherrie on some type of adventure with her husband and three beautiful daughters!



Bachelor of Science in Education
Masters of Arts in Teaching and Learning
Doctor of Education in Curriculum and Instruction


Previous Educational Positions

Classroom Teacher (K-5)
School Wide Coach (K-5 all subjects)
Literacy Facilitator (K-5 literacy)
Mentor Teacher
Lead Teacher - Leadership Team


Coaching Certifications

1:1 Coaching
BL Connect
Content Development
In-Person Facilitation
LW Facilitation
Virtual Facilitation


Areas of Expertise

K-2: Reading Intervention

3-5: Reading Intervention

6-8: English / Language Arts, Reading Intervention


Additional Areas

Georgia Educator Certificate SRT Elementary Education (P-5) Level 7