Renea Dade

Renea Dade is an instructional coach for BetterLesson. Renea brings an outside perspective and supports participants through coaching to transform their professional practices. Renea believes that educators are leaders who can effectively master a student-centered approach. Through instructional coaching she focuses on ways to impact educators' in such a way that students become leaders, through an student-centered approach. Renea has delivered in-person and virtual professional development sessions across content areas and grade levels to a wide variety of audience sizes.

Renea is ready to support teachers in areas including student engagement, responsive and inclusive practices and curriculum and academic content. Renea believes that with the proper support teacherâ€TMs will notice the impact of seeing positive teacher-student relationships, effective classroom management and achieving the highest level of learning.

Renea has supported grade K-2 with an emphasis on (ELA, Phonics, and foundations of reading). Further, Renea has extensive support of grades 3-4 with Literacy and Math interventions. Renea was First Year Teacher of the Year and has demonstrated leadership in many capacities. Renea holds a B.S. Elementary Education degree from Winston-Salem State University and a M.S. in Executive Leadership from Liberty University.


Coaching Certifications

1:1 Coaching
BL Connect
Virtual Facilitation


Areas of Expertise

3-5: All Subjects, Math, Science, English/Language Arts, Social Studies, Reading Intervention