We are looking to post blogs about best teaching, administrative, or instructional coaching practices and also about the following specific topics:

  • Student-centered pedagogies (e.g. personalized learning, mastery-based learning, social emotional learning, blended learning, project-based learning)
  • Building a growth mindset
  • The impact of coaching on practice
  • Coaching strategies that work
  • Incorporating reflection into daily practice

BetterLesson Blog Purpose Statement

 The purpose of the BetterLesson blog is to provide teachers, coaches, and instructional leaders with an opportunity to share examples and evidence of transformational student-led teaching practices, as well as focus on the impact of BetterLesson coaching and BetterLesson content on their practice. Each blog post directly impacts BetterLesson and our blog viewers by sharing our best practices and strategies, building brand awareness, and demonstrating our expertise in student-centered instruction.

How you can blog for us

1. Fill out the blog post proposal form to submit your blog pitch. In the form, please share what you want to write about.

2. Once you submit the form, you’ll receive a response from BetterLesson Marketing within one week to let you know if your pitch has been accepted. If your pitch is not accepted, you can re-submit a new pitch.

3. If your blog post pitch has been accepted, remember to check our blog templates,  guidelines and tips for writing your blog post.

4. Submit your blog post to marketing@betterlesson.com within two weeks after your blog pitch has been accepted. Make sure that marketing@betterlesson.com has access to edit the Google doc before you share the file with us.

5. Our Marketing and Content teams will review and revise the blog post.

6. Marketing will reach out to you with a revised draft for feedback before the blog post is published.

7. Once you have reviewed your revised blog post, Marketing will reach out to let you know when your blog post will be published on the BetterLesson blog site.

8. Two to three weeks after your blog post has been published, Marketing will send you an email highlighting the number of page views and social shares to show your blog post's impact.