Kansas City Culturally Responsive Teaching and Learning (CRTL) Master Teacher Project


Funded by The Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation

Making culturally responsive teaching and learning accessible and actionable to every educator and student.

The Need for CRTL

While eradicating racism from our educational institutions seems like a daunting task, there is work that can be done within the walls of a school or classroom. Research has shown there are many teaching and professional development strategies that can lead teachers of all genders and races to treat students more equitably and maximize the learning of students who have historically been most underserved by our education system.

One study found that merely informing teachers about their stereotypes closed gaps in grading. An hour-long online tutorial for teachers has halved suspension rates for black students, after training educators on how to value students’ perspectives and view misbehavior as a learning opportunity. Another strategy is coaching teachers on how their language can unintentionally signal to students that they can’t excel (Miller, 2018, para. 21).

In order to truly close the race- and ethnicity-based opportunity and achievement gaps in education, teachers must be provided with the culturally responsive strategies, tools, and resources to ensure their classrooms maximize the learning of all students, and in particular those that have historically been most marginalized by our education system.  

These culturally responsive strategies, tools, and resources are equally important for teachers who teach mostly white students. The best CRTL approaches will teach all students to be racially conscious, equity-minded, anti-bias, and anti-racist.

Unfortunately, these resources are few and far between. This project is designed to help fix that.

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Making CRTL Accessible and Actionable to Every Educator

BetterLesson is launching a Culturally Responsive Teaching and Learning (CRTL) Master Teacher Project (MTP) that will curate and freely publish a robust collection of culturally responsive instructional strategies with classroom video and artifacts that are classroom-ready and designed to bridge the gap between the theory of culturally responsive teaching and its implementation in the classroom.

BetterLesson will work with 22 teachers and school leaders based in Kansas City and the surrounding counties who are currently implementing CRTL best practices in their classrooms to capture and share at scale their effective practices, thus building the first practitioner-based body of knowledge around what really works.

Master Teachers will be part of an immersive experience designed to support their professional growth and share their practice. Over the course of the project, participants will:

  • Develop and share 10 CRTL strategies from their practice

  • Have their practice professionally filmed

  • Participate in a monthly PLC with other Master Teachers

  • Attend and present at an end-of-project conference for Kansas City area educators

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*Application Deadline Extended!* - Applications are due May 13, 2019

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Watch a video about the CRTL Master Teacher Project!

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Project Timeline


March -Mary 2019 Recruitment, application review, and Master Teacher selection 

June 2019 Project Kick-Off 

June -December 2019 Lesson, Strategy, Artifact & Video Collection

January - February 2020 Project Curation

March - April 2020 Publishing 

April - May 2020 Promotion/distribution 

May 2020 Conference #3 

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*Application Deadline Extended!* - Applications are due May 13, 2019

Who We’re Looking For

We are looking for educators and leaders who are passionate about bringing equality to education. The teachers we recruit will represent a variety of grade levels, subjects taught, school types, and student demographics. We will recruit from Johnson County (KS), Wyandotte County (KS), Jackson County (MO), Cass County (MO), Clay County (MO), Platte County (MO), and Douglas County (KS).

Prospective Master Teachers will be able to:

  • Demonstrate an awareness, understanding, and appreciation of students' cultural backgrounds

  • Implement equitable instructional and disciplinary practices and policies to ensure students of all backgrounds have the opportunity and resources they need to succeed

  • Ensure their curriculum is inclusive of diverse cultures and viewpoints

  • Develop in students an appreciation and understanding of diverse cultures and perspectives

  • Engage in effective partnerships with caregivers and community stakeholders

  • Provide students with opportunities to develop social and political awareness and take action against injustice

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*Application Deadline Extended!* - Applications are due May 13, 2019


Join the Master Teacher Family

BetterLesson has previously led four successful Master Teacher Projects with over 200 participants from 35 states. Many have gone on to become state Teachers of the Year, Math and Science Award Winners, and thought leaders in education. As part of the CRTL MTP, you will become part of a movement and reach over 1 million educators who visit our site each year.

Get to know them and the impact of their work.

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Informational Webinar


On April 3rd, we hosted an informational webinar to provide more details about the why and how of this project. Watch the recording to learn more about the application process and the opportunities you'll have as a Master Teacher.

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